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通常你把域名解析到安装好kloxo的ip后,会看到下面的kloxo默认页面。为什么总是显示kloxo的默认页面? 通常几个原因,下面的英文写得很清楚。如果你在kloxo后台已经开了此网站(绑定了此域名),那么需要重启apache/lighttpd后才会生效。如果重启了还不行,那就需要核实对应的IP是否正确了。

This is the Kloxo Default Page

If you are seeing this page, it means that web has not been configured for this domain on this server.

This could be due to the following causes:

•Kloxo has not restarted the web server yet after you added the domain. Please wait for the web server to restart.
•The domain is pointing to the wrong Kloxo server. Ping the domain and make sure that the IP matches one of the IPaddress seen in admin home -> ipaddresses
•If you are seeing this page when you try to access an IP like, then that means that the IP has not yet been mapped to a domain. Go to client home -> ipaddresses -> ipaddress home -> domain config and map an IP to a domain.
•Once you map an IP to a domain, then you have to make sure that the domain pings back to the same IP. Otherwise, if you try to access the domain, you will get this page. So IP -> should mean that pings to the same IP.

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